Top-hinged window with fittings that cannot be dismantled from the outside. Suitable for both homes, cabins, foundations and garages. This opening function can also be combined with other products, e.g. fixed frame window.

Like our other product types, it can be supplied with both continuous and external slats, with all types of glass, and painted in all NCS colours.

Denne tradisjonelle vindustypen kan kombineres med lav u-verdi. 3-lags glass med varmkant spacer.

SKU THU Product

Tophinged window

Top-hinged window is made in different designs and have different closing directions

A variant with particularly low profiles has a common closing and venting direction with built-in opening protection in the closed and vented positions. The fuse is switched on or off manually.

Another variant with "standard" profiles has a lock box and closing bars that close with a turner. Another variant has two small window shutters (most used).

On the latter two, the opening safety must be mounted on the lower frame and lower frame and switched on or off manually.



The picture shows the standard twister for THU window on the left. If desired, THU window can be supplied with galvanized haspe (right).

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