Special window

Windows are the eyes of the house!

Special windows can have all possible shapes and forms, from arches to edges and angles. You have (almost) unlimited possibilities for variation!

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Special window

Application The window is ideal for use in all types of homes, offices, institutions and industrial buildings.

Function Fixed window, the window has no opening function.

Look. There are few restrictions on what appearances a window of this type can have.

Execution. The frames are made of laminated pine. All the wood is given a rot-protective impregnation to avoid damage in extreme circumstances. Normally, the windows are delivered without surface treatment from the factory, but all windows can be delivered with a finished surface treatment. As a special version, windows of this type, with the exception of curved/round windows, can be supplied with aluminum cladding. All types of insulating glass can be used. Larger partitions are solved with continuous bars. Unless divisions are solved by removable bars.

General The standard design covers normal needs for theft protection and tightness. In special versions, the products can be supplied with improved burglary protection. Furthermore, most of the products can be upgraded to improved sound insulation and some of the products to fire window class E 30, EI 30 and EI 60. Norgesvinduet works continuously with product development and improvements and therefore reserves the right to change.

Profile details. There is a lining groove on the inside of all Scandinavian-type frames, as well as a groove for sole bench fittings. The frames have rebates for insulating glass with a thickness of up to 51 mm. Main profiles are shown above. There are a number of options for dividing the window surface with continuous slats and removable slats.

Fittings. There are no fittings apart from the valve on a fixed Norwegian window. It is standard with a slit valve in the upper frame. Normal valve length is 40 cm and the valve gap is 1 cm. Longer valves can be supplied if required.



The picture shows the standard twister for THU window on the left. If desired, THU window can be supplied with galvanized haspe (right).

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